Is there an increase in Contactless payment limit?


During the Covid-19 pandemic, New Zealand’s payments industry will progressively roll out a temporary increase to the PIN limit for Contactless card payments to $200. The increase, which is up from the current $80 limit, aims to help reduce the need for customers to touch PIN pads when making in-store purchases during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, you can now use your Q Mastercard during this time for Contactless purchases of up to $200.


Given the number of cards, payment terminals and businesses involved from across the country – it’s expected to take a few weeks for the roll out to be completed by retailers. Whilst our Q Mastercards are activated with the benefit now, we require merchants to activate contact payment capabilities at their terminals.


For Contactless payments over $200, the terminal will still ask for a PIN number so just follow the prompts.