What do I do if a merchant I have made a Standard Purchase at has gone out of business and is unable to provide the services or send the goods?


We will require you to complete a Notice of Disputed Transaction Form and provide the applicable supporting documentation for us to utilise Mastercard’s Chargeback and Disputes process:


  • Proof that merchant ceased trading
    • g. an official announcement on merchant’s website, Liquidator’s email to the customer as unsecured creditor, etc.
  • For services not rendered by the merchant
    • copies of the documents showing that services should be provided after merchant ceased trading, e.g. copy of the flights booking where flight dates were scheduled after airline declared liquidation;
  • For goods not received
    • proof of delayed delivery or unused gift voucher for the insolvent retailer.


This supporting documentation is a mandatory requirement and must be provided to ensure we can dispute your transaction with the merchant.


The completed Notice of Disputed Transaction Form and supporting documentation must be returned to customer.services@flexicards.co.nz within 7 days for flexigroup to initiate the dispute process via Mastercard.